We’re the PBM for companies
that prioritize costs and care.

Our PBM Model

Treatment considerations–and input from you–drive plan design.

Our PBM model is designed to provide clinically effective therapies to patients sooner. Clinicians drive treatment decisions and formularies, eliminating barriers such as formulary revisions based upon costs or rebates alone, adding or removing rebate-driven drugs, preferred to non-preferred substitutions, and step therapy requirements. We use input from sponsors/employers about what is clinically appropriate and effective for their employees/customers to create a more innovative and unique process and formulary.

RX by Mail

Our mail-order pharmacy knows you as well as an in-person pharmacy.

Our national mail-order pharmacy offers a customized, patient-centric alternative to “big box” PBM mail centers. Your employees will enjoy white glove service from a highly-trained pharmacy staff, supporting adherence and correct enrollment in auto-refill programs. Employees will save on out-of-pocket costs through home delivery of high blood pressure, diabetes and other maintenance medications, as copayments are often lower than they would be for a 90-day supply from a retail pharmacy.

Specialty Pharmacy

We know how to navigate the complexity of specialty drugs.

We are an URAC-accredited and ACHC-accredited specialty pharmacy with experience in the appropriate use of expensive high-touch-required specialty medications. Our certified specialty pharmacists are knowledgeable in a wide range of conditions; they are the critical link in providing the best continuous outcomes to patient care. Vivo Health Pharmacy strives to reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses through copay cards, coupons and copay assistance programs.

Monitoring and Utilization

We keep costs in check while focusing on outcomes.

We want every pharmacy dollar to count toward better health outcomes for your employees. In our model, costs and care are integrated. Our depth of experience with pharmacists at the center of clinical integrated care enables us to identify effective, lower-cost alternatives to expensive therapies. In our formularies, we recommend against therapies that cost more without offering a clinical benefit.

More Services

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We're building a better PBM model where costs and care are clinically integrated. If you have any questions or don’t see what you need on this list, please contact us:

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  • Clinical Services
  • Patient Management Program
  • Formulary Management
  • Mail Order Pharmacy Services
  • Specialty Pharmacy Services

A PBM built for
self-insured employers
seeking value.

Efficiencies of scale, with a personal touch.

While our personal touch might remind you of the corner pharmacy, we’re part of one of the nation’s largest health systems. Our size means we can offer smaller plan sponsors purchasing power and supply chain clout. Even better, by delivering highly personalized care, we use every customer touch to build algorithms for our system to root out waste and improve outcomes. Once you and your employees experience our high level of care, simplicity and value, you’ll appreciate the difference.

We’re standing by 24/7
to make a smooth migration
even smoother.

Supporting new clients and new patients.

Ensuring a fast, successful migration is step one in our promise to deliver value and health outcomes. We work closely with plan sponsors/employers to implement timeframes, testing, processes and systems integration. And we make our high-touch customer service available to your staff and your employees to prevent disruptions and monitor continuity of care.