As a clinical PBM, we’re in the middle,
but we’re not the middle man.

Unlike most PBMs that began as drug distributors, our origin is clinical. Our PBM puts pharmacists at the center of clinical integrated care. We believe in the value personal attention brings to every prescription. In our experience, customized care leads to better health outcomes for patients and added value for our clients.

The difference is, we’re
a clinically-driven PBM.

A patient-centered approach for better results.

Vivo Health is the only PBM built from an in-house, clinically-driven approach to pharmacy benefits. Our process involves partnering with prescribers to get the best available care to patients sooner; supporting patients to ensure better adherence; and working with clinicians to formulate effective therapies, including generics and equivalents. Our goal is to provide continuous clinically appropriate care for each and every individual patient.

The right treatment, at the
right time, at the right price.

Vivo Health Integrated Health System PBM
Comprehensive Medical and Drug Therapy Clinical Programs
Savings through better care, not barriers to care.

Barriers to care can lead to adverse patient outcomes, so we minimize them. We know value isn’t only about cost, and that long-term effect determines true cost. We use every customer touch to improve outcomes while reducing waste. We continuously improve our up-processes to take into account the latest clinical criteria and cost. And we’re working towards a prior authorization process to ensure continuity while minimizing barriers such as paper work.

Vivo Health Value-Based PBM

Value-based PBMs are the future.
We’re working on it.

Building a better PBM for clients and patients.

We stand for simplicity, cost savings and better health outcomes. As a 100% transparent and pass-through PBM, we pass any rebates or discounts directly to our clients. Our compensation is based on fees negotiated with our clients.